​​A service that attends to all the core aspects of your bike, ensuring that gears and brakes all function correctly to give you the confidence to go (and stop!). Also included is inspection and assessment of all the major components of your bike to ensure it is both safe to ride and you're not storing up any inconvenience and expensive repairs for the future. 

  • Full safety check of all components and contact points

  • Remove wheels and run both front and rear wheels to check truth, making adjustments

  • Check hubs for smooth rotation and play and make adjustments

  • Check brake system and replace cables and adjust to safe working standard*

  • Remove chain/cassette and check drivetrain for wear

  • Degrease and lubricate the chain/drivetrain

  • Replace gear cables and index gears plus tune to select smoothly

  • Inspect tyres for wear and damage

  • Deflate and reinflate tyres to recommended pressure, reseating tyres

  • Assess headset for movement and wear, making adjustments

  • Inspect bottom bracket for movement, making adjustments

  • Full test ride and safety check

  • Provide technical report with mechanic’s observations throughout the service

*additional parts may be required and chargeable

The Cycle Hub Full Service - £75.00