There are some good bike shops still around.  Covid,  lockdown and the cost of living crisis have left a strange legacy to the bike industry. During Covid lockdown we were all working 7 days a week, 16 hours a day to satisfy the incredible demand. The unprecedented sale of new bikes then lead to a legacy of customers needing their new bikes looked after. Clearly now however, with all the pressures of higher interest rates, increased fuel costs and higher prices everywhere, people have understandably sought to cut back on areas such as leisure activities to save money. The result of this is the closure of an increasing number of bike businesses. From local bike shops such as Tri-bike in Gravesend and Victory in Rainham, to international bike manufacturers such as Moor Large and Frog bikes ceasing to trade altogether. We've had SRAM, Shimano and Campagnolo drastically reduce production so it takes longer to order/receive parts and leading brands such as Specialized move to a mail order direct-to-customer model of sales previously unheard of in a search to reduce costs/maintain profits. In addition, we've recently seen Whyte bikes announce their new stable lineup for 2024 which includes only two non-ebikes! Time will tell whther they've got it right and if others will follow in prioritising ebike sales over analogue.

Cycle Hub came about through sheer customer demand. In 2013 our lead technician needed somewhere to keep his own bikes so rented out a unit on an industrial estate in Strood. And while working on his own rides, people kept dropping by to have a chat and a coffee and get some advice. This lead to requests for servicing and repairs, bike builds and custom wheels to a point where Cycle Hub was born. 

about us

Demand quickly increased to the point where new larger premises were needed and we moved into a dedicated workshop in Lordswood. A steady increase in customers saw us establish ourselves in Medway as a leading independent bike shop for the service and repair for all things cycling related. Over the past ten years we ended up with many fantastic and loyal regular cutomsers; may of whom becase friends (whether that be for riding or enjoying coffee and donuts. 

Our records show that we have provided sales. service and repair services to well over 20,000 cusrtomers during this period!

2023 saw a change when we found it necessary to move from Lordswood. It was an icnredible wrench but the world of commercial leasing and landlord relations (our lease was set to increase 80%! 

Although dissppointing in many wasys, we were dellighted to take on a unit of a friend's farm in Yalding. This worked well in many ways, but moved our local focus too far and with 2024 approaching we took the decision to make another change to revitalise and maintain the business.

Moving to a mobile service model, we've reviewed what we do best and taken notice of customer feedback to remodel our services in a way that still provides a quality professional service at competitive rates but refocuses on a flexible and reactive local model of service delivery.