The Cycle Hub Premium Service £100.00

  • Full safety check of all components and contact points
  • Remove and run both front and rear wheels to check truth, detensioning and retruing where necessary
  • Check hubs for smooth rotation and play and make adjustments
  • Check brake system and replace cables and adjust to safe working standard*
  • Remove chain/cassette and check drivetrain for wear
  • Degrease and lubricate the chain/drivetrain
  • Replace gear cables and index gears plus tune to select smoothly
  • Fully service both wheel hubs replacing bearings where necessary 
  • Strip down and service headset
  • Replace handlebar tape (road) or bleed hydraulic brakes (MTB)
  • Deflate and reinflate tyres to recommended pressure, reseating tyres
  • Assess headset for movement and wear, making adjustments
  • Inspect bottom bracket for movement, removal where required making adjustments
  • Full test ride and safety check
  • Provide technical report with mechanic’s observations throughout the service

*additional parts may be required and and may be chargeable

Plus Special Offer of a Continental GP500 Black Chili 700/25c folding tyre (RRP £59.95) . Additional Continental GP5000 700/25c available at £44.95) 

*additional parts may be required and chargeable
** Tyre offer is non-exchangable and carries no monetary value

*** Offer only available at time of service