• Check all contact points (saddle/grips/pedals) to ensure they are safely affixed without play, and rotate smoothly where required.

  • Check your frame and fork visually to ensure there are no signs of impending fracture or failure*

  • The fork is also checked for alignment, rotation and play, including the headset bearings.

  • Check that your wheels rotate smoothly without play and there is no damage to the rim/spokes. Also that your tyres are not damaged/excessively worn and are inflated to the correct pressure.

  • Check the brake system to make sure that when you need them, your brakes are there to do their job!

  • Check to make sure your chain and rear cassette isn’t worn, and that it’s properly aligned not to slip off either front or rear cogs.

  • We’ll also check your bottom bracket to make sure it’s got plenty of useful like left in it.

  • Check any accessories to make sure they are securely fixed to the bike and are in working order and not posing any problems to the manufacturer’s intended performance of your bike.

*Please be aware that no adjustments or replacement parts are included in this free check, other than maybe a few pumps of air into underinflated tyres.

The Cycle Hub Free Safety Check - FREE