Bike Park Service

Following on from the success of our Sportive Service, we're delighted to launch the Cycle Hub Bike Park Service. Similar to the Sportive Service, this is designed to offer the offroad cyclist a full preparation service to ensure they can hit the trails in full confidence, leaving all your energy to focus on having maximum fun!

If you’ve been at the muddy stuff for a while you’ll probably remember when ealy iteration mountain bikes had steel rigid frames and 3 x 7 gears with cantilever brakes. Now don’t get us wrong, any bike is capable of providing a platform for total fun in the right hands but anyone new to the sport today would be in awe at the difference and development of offroad bikes.

We live in a market economy as well and this means it's inevitable that manufacturers will push the boundaries of technical development, but also style and the cultural aspects of the bikes that are available. This is a mixed bag. Until a couple of years ago you’d probably have found us arguing that you really didn’t need that new all-singing-and-dancing bike at the cost of maybe £2k+. However, overlooking some less fundamental aspects like increased number of gears, or 20mm wider handlebars, a couple of things have been happening incrementally that have changed this situation; the geometry of the actual bike frame has changed which means it's easier to manoeuver, better for climbing and more stable coming back down. And in turn this has gone hand-in-hand with trail park development. Put simply, an old 26” XC hardtail was probably more than capable of getting you through a couple of hours general riding without to much drama. However, if you've visited any of the new breed of UK trail parks or venture across the water to the continental ranges, the thought of letting fly with 100mm of front travel and a 72⁰ headtube may well have you cowering in fear(!)

So, where have we ended up? Well a combination of well intended function design development and market promotion mumbo jumbo has left us with what we now tend to label the ‘trail bike’ with slacker geometry, larger wheels/wider hubs and wider tyres (2.4+), 1 x 11 or 1 x 12 drivetrains and longer travel. The best bit is that you no longer really have to garage various different mountain bikes to ensure you can get around the terrain you’re going to, choosing between downhill, enduro, cross country and dirt jump. So, it's nice to be able to hit the slopes ‘off the shelf’ so to speak without going to endless efforts to customise your ride, benefitting from all the well thought out developments that have taken place over recent years.

One of the key differences between road and mountain bikes (from a mechanic's point of view that is…) comes in terms of wear and damage. Many road bikes never hit the ground or come into contact with an immovable object. However, they do tend to wear on a linear scale upto the point where they cease to work efficiently (chain, cassette, chainrings especially here) Mountain bikes often don’t show these kinds of wear, instead regularly suffering impact damage (mechs, hangers, rims) as well as needing regular service of the hydraulic components (brakes and shocks)

The Offer

So with a view to getting your bike in tip-top shape to ensure you enjoy the sideways stuff to the max we’ve put together the following package that we think will deal with all the nasties that your bike has suffered since last time out, while also making sure you benefit from the absolute certainty it's not going to fail when you need it most!

  • Full headset service

  • Removal and service of bottom bracket

  • Service and adjustment of both hubs

  • Complete replacement of all inner/outer cables

  • Both wheels trued

  • Tubeless setup of both front and rear wheels (if compatible)

  • Replacement brake pads, rotor and full system flush/bleed

  • Dropper post service

  • Test ride

  • Technical report & photo diary of work carried out

  • Bike clean

  • Free check over ahead of any trips you have planned this season

  • Discount on any additional components required during service and free fitting


We’re delighted to be able to offer this full package at a reduced cost of £199.00 which we believe is exceptional value. (booked separately this service retails at around £280.00)

If required, suspension servicing is provided at discount rates if booked to take place during this service (£100.00 for fork or shock, £180.00 for both)