At Cycle Hub, our first priority is to provide a quality service that delivers value for money and that is transparent, putting you – the Customer – in control. We understand that any spare money you have at the end of the month can often be subject to competing concerns (football boots for the kids, saving for that summer holiday or something for the house) It’s because of this that we developed our ‘No Surprises’ policy to contribute to our overall customer excellence strategy. No Surprises When you book your bike in for a service or repair with us, regardless of whether you’ve found us on the Web, word of mouth or taken advantage of one of our promotions we’ll ask you to help us complete a Customer Booking Form LINK This allows us to collect some important details about your bike and you to enable us to best understand how to provide you with the service you want. We’ve heard horror stories elsewhere about customers going to collect their bike after service only to be presented with a bike loaded with new parts (that it may very well have needed) at a cost three or four times what the customer anticipated.   On completing a booking form we’ll give you the option to either pre-authorise additional spend (£10, £20 or £50) over the amount of the original service/repair, or to make sure we give you a call if we find anything that needs new parts that will cost you more money.  In this way we’re confident that you won’t have any unhappy surprises.   Technical Report Two things here. We’re passionate about bikes and we’re also absolutely confident in the quality of our services and standards of how we treat our customers.   So, to back up the work we do on your bike, we provide you with a full written Technical Report on every bike we work on.  This covers both a safety and functional assessment of every core component of the bike and provides you with an assurance that the bike is safe to use and will function as you would expect it to.   The Report also includes an assessment of items that need replacing/repairing, or will do in the foreseeable future with a full schedule of projected costs. There is no obligation to have this work done, and if you DO decide to have it done you’re under no obligation to come back to us; you’ll still be able to use the Technical Report for any future mechanic to work on your bike.   Included in the Technical Report is an assessment and summary of the General Condition of the bike, then a full appraisal of the Frame & Contact Points, Wheels & Tyres, Drivetrain and Transmission, Braking system and any Accessories that are fitted.     Bike repairs and servicing - your rights and our promise When you bring your bike into Cycle Hub for service or repair we enter a legally binding contract with you to provide a service to you to clear stated standards. This is controlled by many laws including the Supply of Goods and Services Act 1982. This law gives you certain consumer (sometimes referred to as statutory) rights under the contract. You are entitled to expect that our work is carried out with reasonable care and skill, within a reasonable time and at a reasonable charge. If a part is replaced, the new part should be of satisfactory quality, fit for purpose, and as described.   To support our commitment to identify repairs accurately and provide you with a price promise, on completion of the repair/service we will show you what work we carried out and demonstrate it if required. We will also explain how any new parts should be used/maintained and provide you with any technical specifications/advise to support you in keeping it in good working order until the next service.   In the unlikely event of one of our repairs being faulty we’d ask you to give us the chance to put it right. We’ll do everything we can to minimise any inconvenience to you and will prioritise bringing the bike back into the workshop for a speedy repair to get it right. It goes without saying this will be at no additional cost to you. If we find that a part we have used is faulty we’ll replace it. If we find that any aspect of our work has not been up to the standards you expect and we require we’ll put it right and provide you with a voucher to use off any future work.       Collections When you book your bike in with Cycle Hub for any servicing or repair work we’ll try our best to have it all done and ready for you as soon as possible, and within three working days in any event. If you’re not taking advantage of our free collection/delivery service* and have arranged to collect your own bike from us we’d like you to do so within 5 working days from the completion date (which we’ll advise you of).   Unfortunately we have limited workshop premises and are always extremely busy. We therefore cannot keep bikes in storage indefinitely. We therefore have no alternative other than to apply a daily surcharge of £2.00 per day for bikes not collected. If a bike remains uncollected after 3 months Cycle Hub reserved the right to dispose of it in order to recoup our costs.     Of course, in exceptional circumstances we are willing to waive this charge but this will be at our discretion.   * within Medway, or 10 miles from our workshop   Free collection/delivery As part of Cycle Hub’s efforts to provide a truly unparalleled customer service we are happy to collect bikes for service or repair and deliver them upon completion free of charge witin the Medway area (or 10 miles of our workshop)     Non/Inclusive Parts & Additional Works All of our published Repair prices are inclusive of parts and labour.   Our Service charges are – unless otherwise stated – exclusive of parts required. We will always contact you to agree to additional works before we carry them out and give you the option to proceed, or not. Remember, if you choose not to proceed with an additional repair we recommend you’ll still get a full Technical Report to take away for a full explanation and future reference.   To make things more convenient to you, provide better value and to allow us to manage our time and efficiency better, we always reduce the labour element of our costs if additional repairs are carried out as part of a regular service.