​​CoronaVirus pandemic update 18 May 2020

Following on from last week’s ramblings about how the Great British society had cast its vote about the ongoing lockdown (sic), we’ve had yet another strange week.

It's disappointing to see/hear so many politicians reverting to type and trying to score points against each other. To be fair there's little anyone could have ultimately done in a social democracy to make people do what they don’t want to do, short of troops on the street and nobody wants to see that (and quite frankly, if they do, then they shouldn’t get a vote!)

A couple of poignant moments dawned this week though. Rory Mcllroy gave us his tuppence worth regarding Donald Trump’s ongoing behaviour, and while I’m not generally one for taking my political commentary from sports personalities (St. Lineker asides maybe…) it's hard to argue with the Ulsterman’s analysis. And although we must remain thankful we don’t live in the worrying geography of the United State at the moment, when we plagiarize  Metternich’s to assert ‘When America sneezes, the rest of the world catches a cold’, perhaps nothing could be more worryingly true. 

Nearer to home, a friend sent me this meme which sort of says it all really:




So after a whole lot of contradictory statements from anyone who ever held political ambitions, we’re none the wiser, staying at home, or not, waiting for the next phase of this truly generational defining episode. 

On happier notes, the weather continues to be stunning with only the occasional chilly morning and dampening of the air. It's tough to work out if - during ‘normal’ times - people would have turned in their droves to their bikes during such a gloriously sustained period of good climes, 

Now onto the boring bits. We’re still open, and judging by the number of customers contacting us about their bikes’ needs we’ll continue to be so. That means we’ll be available 9.00-18.00 Monday-Friday and 9.00-13.00 Saturday. We’re still encouraging customers to call ahead and book appointments and we’ll continue restricting customer numbers in the shop (also necessary due to wall-to-wall bikes!)

We’ll also continue to offer free collection/delivery and be available on the phone for advice where required.

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Be careful, be safe, keep riding and we’ll see you soon...